Interactivity (#1)

Despite the feeling you may have, I care about all…what…three?…of my viewers. I want you to feel involved. I want you to read what I’ve said, feel compelled to give me your opinion, and know that you’re completely welcome to do so. I want you to become ONE with me. I want you. To. Be. Assimilated.

No, scratch that last part. But you get the point.

That’s why, starting today, I’m adding the Weekly Open-Ended Question. It’s not really a poll, because there are no “choices”. This is not a multiple-choice quiz, children. They’re essay questions. You should’ve studied harder.

A new question will be posted every Wednesday, and you will have a week to answer. Why Wednesday, you ask? Because today is Wednesday, and I came up with it about six minutes ago. On Tuesday I will award one commenter with the “You’re Awesome This Week” award, which will probably be completely random. Say whatever you want in the comments. Argue with one another. Have intelligent debates. Call each other newfags. I don’t care, just communicate! Speak your minds!

This week’s question: What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid?

    • Blindman McSqueezy
    • April 19th, 2010

    Thanks for delightful question. Sorry I’m late. I have a note from my mother but the dog ate it cause the sun was in my eyes.

    My favorite tv show when I was a kid (the 80’s) was, oh wait, we had no tv. Too poor. We played in the yard and made mud pies and annoyed the little metallic gold beetles until they changed colors.

    So there. That’s my essay answer. I win!

  1. Meh, it wasn’t really much of a delightful question. I could have come up with something much more interesting, but I was sleepy. Also, due to the compounded persuasive effect of all of your excuses, you are…excused. >.>

    My favorite show when I was a kid was “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” It was like Tales from the Crypt for children, and I loved it.

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