The Awesome That Is Zack

Zack Reynolds: 17 year old boy, high school senior. He’s your average teenage kid. He’s about 6’2″ and would probably only weigh 130 pounds if he was soaking wet with bricks in his pockets. However, he’s probably my second favourite out of all the Reynolds boys (besides Cory, of course <3). He shares Cory’s weird, sometimes a bit dark and twisted sense of humor, but takes it a little further. He’s smart but doesn’t throw it in your face. He can hold a logical argument without basing too much on his emotions (Steven and Cory) or end up basically calling you an idiot in a roundabout way (me). He’s very mature for his age, and he doesn’t take anything too seriously. He’s the awesome, laid-back friend that everyone wants to have.

But these are all things we’ve all known about Zack. It’s been common knowledge amongst the entire family that Zack is the epitome of cool. Today, however, is what granted him a permanent spot in my top five awesome people. I mean, he’ll probably be in that top five for as long as I live. That’s just how great this is.

I was watching Doctor Who a few days ago, the third season with the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant), when Steven dropped Zack off to hang out for a couple of hours. Zack had never watched the show before, so he paid half-attention while I explained to him what was going on. He liked the show instantly, mostly due to just how jaw-droppingly cool the Doctor is. As a joke, Zack said “I’m gonna cut my hair like that”. Then we started talking about how he should wear a pair of Chuck Taylor’s and a suit to his prom, as well as a pair of plastic framed glasses.

David Tennant as The Doctor

I thought that was the end of it. We had had our little joke (mostly about how much his girlfriend Stephanie would freak out), we finished watching the show, he went home. But oh, I didn’t know how serious Zack was. He came over after school today. His hair was much shorter, parted on the left, and the right side was messy…just like Mr. Tennant. Just as a reference this is what Zack used to look like:

And now he…doesn’t. I didn’t get the chance to take an “after” photo, but I’ll post one later. He’s going to get his suit tailored Saturday, brown with white pinstripes (I think), and he’s going to buy a pair of red Converse Chuck Taylor’s to go with it. Zack, you have officially made my year. Now, if I could find some way to go to that prom just so I could see him..


    • Blindman McSqueezy
    • April 19th, 2010

    Does Zack have a TARDIS? Then never mind.

  1. He doesn’t, sadly, but you don’t know this kid. I’m sure he could build a fully-functional one if he really wanted to.

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